42 Day Challenge Winners

42 Day Challenge Winners

Congrats to our 42 Day Challenge Winners!

Congrats to our 42 Day Challenge Winners!!


1st – Ashley “Mo” Crawford

2nd – Ashley Chandler

3rd – Audrey Parkey


1st – Dan Trujillo

2nd – Jeff Hansen

3rd – Abraham Houser

Below are a few words from our participants…

“This was a fun challenge for me. It was difficult to maintain, but was achievable. I have been trying to eat healthier for a while now, but did not realize I was doing it all wrong. The biggest thing I learned through this experience was understanding portion control and learning about healthier options. In many cases, what stores label as healthy foods are not always that healthy. I learned to shop and eat with a purpose.

Traveling was difficult but I discovered you can find healthy options if you spend the time looking.

The most difficult aspect was eathing the carbhohydrates. I like vegetables but there were days where the amount of certain vegetables were daunting. I had some meals where I just didn’t feel like I could stick another carrot or grean bean in my face.

The results however, were tremendous! Once I got through the carb withdrawals, I felt like I had more energy than normal. When the weight started coming off, my workouts got better along with my health. I truly feel much better eating this way.

Wating paleo foods is definitely a lifestyle that I will continue. I may not be as strict as I was during the challenge, but I will continue to try to improve my nutriiton. My family enjoyed the meals and that helps a lot! Even my kids, age 4 and 7, have grown to love vegetables and salmon. Never thought I would see that!” – Jeff Hansen

“I participated in ahte 42 Day Challenge because I want to push myself to the next level in my fitness journey. AFter losing 100 pounds in the past 18 months, I felt as if I had plateaued at my current weight. I started off by meal prepping strictly paleo foods, and zoning everthing I ate. The first 14 days was a little complicated, but by keeping a food journal and logging my food for my coach to review really helped me get the hang of it. By eating strictly paleo/zone, I felt full throughout the day because I was eating 5 times a day. I didn’t realize before the challenge that I was overeating. Zone dieting really helps your portion control. I didn’t wake up hungry in the middle of the night wanting to Sleep-Eat, so I slept better. Eating to fuel your body instead of eating being a fun hobby to enjoy, really boosts your energy level. I did not feel run down, and I felt stronger and able to push myself more in the gym. I also found some great Paleo recipes to help out with the sweet tooth. Eating healthy can still taste good! – Ahsley “Mo” Crawford

“With the 42 Day Challenge I learned portion control and how important it is for your health to eat REAL FOOD compared to food-like substances. Not only did I start to eat better, I also started to feel better as well!” – Dan Trujillo